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Follow my journey as a new blogger. Maybe even learn to blog.[/one-fourth-last][/box-2] [box-4 imageurl=”https://herpetitecloset.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/diy_kimono_easy_0385-2-1.jpg” alt=”diy_kimono_easy_0385-2″ align=”justify”] [title align=”center” type=”none”]MOMO C.[/title]

Coming from a little big town, quiet, early mornings are the most intimate of hours. Writing is a breath of fresh air to my soul. And if you struggle with LDR, I am right there with you! As the big 30 looms before me, I am quickly learning the importance of devoting quality time to the people and things that matter.

I have been making and altering my own clothes since high school. In 2015, I took my love for sewing to the Youtube stage. While videos combine the best of the visual and auditory senses, a 5-minute clip cannot capture enough of the creative mind. My curious viewers wanted to know more beyond those videos, so Her Petite Closet was born.[/box-4] [box-3 imageurl=”https://herpetitecloset.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/diy_kimono_easy_0368-cropped.jpg” alt=”diy_kimono_easy_0368 cropped” class=”custom” align=”center” float=”right” margin=”0px”][title align=”center” type=”none”]WHERE TO NEXT?[/title] [one-half-first align=”center”][button url=”https://herpetitecloset.com/blog/” target=”_self” size=”large” display=”inline-block” float=”none”]Read the Blog[/button][/one-half-first] [one-half align=”center”][button url=”https://herpetitecloset.com/portfolio/” target=”_self” size=”large” display=”inline-block” float=”none”]Work with me[/button][/one-half][/box-3]

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