Hello! I’m Momo.

Growing up, I was guaranteed to always be the shortest among my peers. But life is too short to not embrace our perfect imperfections. Whether big or small, a beautiful heart and confidence make for much deeper impressions. And sometimes, being petite…is kinda cute.

Because waistlines often sat too low and pants were always too long, I began making and altering my own clothes in high school. Combined with my passion for creative writing, Her Petite Closet was born.

With a whimsical style of storytelling, this is where you can find better fitting style for the petite lady and learn to make anything else that you can’t find! My tutorials are designed to be short, sweet, and straight to the point.

Part of my heart will alway be in a little big town that makes quiet, early mornings the most intimate of hours. The other part is currently in Los Angeles, where you can find me in a boba hotspot anywhere. Taro milk tea with coconut jelly, anyone? If you see me, please say “Hi”!

Thank you so much for stopping stopping by. I hope you find inspiration here, and stay for a little while.