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Hello! I’m Momo.

Growing up, height was a topic I could never avoid. I was guaranteed to always be the shortest among my peers. And 98% of the time, someone would take it upon themselves to point it out.

Over the years, I’ve learned to embrace my perfect imperfection. Big or small, a beautiful heart and confidence make for much longer lasting impressions. And sometimes, being petite…is kinda cute.

Because waistlines often sat too low and pants were always too long, I began making and altering my own clothes in high school. Combined with my passion for creative writing, Her Petite Closet was born.

With a whimsical style of storytelling, this is where you can find better fitting style for the petite lady and learn to make anything else you can’t find! Many of them are readily available on YouTube. Did I mention you can also go behind the scenes of everything you see here?

After two years in a long-distance relationship, you’re bound to find me at a boba hotspot somewhere in Los Angeles. But a part of my heart will always be in a little big town not too far away that make quiet, early mornings the most intimate of hours and writing a breath of fresh air to my soul.

Thank you so much for stopping stopping by! I hope you find inspiration here, and stay for a little while.

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