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[dropcap]B[/dropcap]eing afraid of the unknown is inevitable anytime we step into something new. For blogging, it might be being afraid of taking risks. I found Paul Scrivens randomly and followed his emails for six months before joining Billionaire Blog Club. I’ve taken my share of paid blogging courses. Billionaire Blog Club is one of the risks I wish I had taken at the very beginning. It is a resource I believe in, and I want to share with you. Read on for my review of Billionaire Blog Club.

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It is a community where you can learn the ropes of creating a business out of blogging. Included are full courses on blogging (10 at the moment), challenges, a form, an exchange system, a diary log, and a directory of member blogs.


Beginner and advanced bloggers who want to create a business from blogging


  1. Value
  2. Proven experience
  3. Focus on quality content
  4. Teaching style
  5. True lifetime access


$397 for lifetime access to all changes and upgrades. August 3 is the last day before this price quadruples.[/three-fourths-last] [box-1 align=”center”]

I don’t want to spend too much and gain nothing in return. I’m afraid of leaving my comfort zone. What if I don’t make it?

In order to go up, you have to do all of the above, darling.

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[/one-fourth-first] [three-fourths-last align=”left”]Billionaire Blog Club is a lot of things. Even Paul Scrivens, the course instructor, is not quite sure what to call it. I like to think of it as a community.

Within this community are full courses on blogging (10 in total at the moment), challenges, a forum, an exchange system, a diary log, and a directory of member blogs. It is a place where you can learn the ropes of creating a business out of blogging while having access to other members as well as the course instructor himself.

Here are the current courses being offered:

  • Tailwind Crash Course (5 Lessons)
  • Billionaire Pinterest (33 Lessons)
  • Billionaire Blogging SEo (23 Lessons)
  • BoardBooster Masterclass (10 Lessons)
  • Billionaire Niche Selection (9 Lessons)
  • Billionaire Affiliate Marketing (22 Lessons)
  • Intro to Email Marketing (6 Lessons)
  • Google Analytics (7 Lessons)
  • WordPress (2 Lessons)
  • Content Creation (7 Lessons)

With the upcoming changes, expect this list to grow. I discuss this in the last section below.[/three-fourths-last] [box-1 align=”center”]Billionaire Blog Club is not for everyone.[/box-1][one-fourth-first align=”left”]


[/one-fourth-first][three-fourths-last align=”left”]Billionaire Blog Club is not for everyone. Just like anything out there, some things will work for some people. Other things will work for other people. It is up to you to decide if this might work for you.

With that said, Billionaire Blog Club has materials for both beginner and advanced bloggers who want to turn their blog into a business. The course materials go through the simple, basic steps such as setting up your blog, analytics, and Pinterest. It also includes more advanced materials such as SEO strategies to help you grow in the long run.

If you struggle with taking action, Billionaire Blog Club is NOT for you. But I am almost tempted to retract this statement. Because the motivation you receive from Scrivs and other members might just be enough to make you take action!

Like with any learning resource out there, just having the knowledge and learning about the strategies will NOT give you success. You will only get out of it what you put in. That being said, you do need to take action to see results.[/three-fourths-last] [box-1 align=”center”]There is so much more beyond the basics of starting your blog and Billionaire Blog Club will help you through it.[/box-1] [one-fourth-first align=”left”]


[/one-fourth-first][three-fourths-last align=”left”]I can go on and on about the many benefits of Billionaire Blog Club. But I don’t want to bore you. So here are the top reasons why I joined Billionaire Blog Club.

  1. Value

    I found Scrivs on a random Google search for blogging resources towards the end of 2017. At first glance, was drastically different from other blogs that blog about blogging. It had a whole mini course on blogging! And it wasn’t just a few random posts pieced together. It was a curriculum you can follow step-by-step.

    During this time, I was enrolled in another paid blogging course. The information on was actually the same information I was going through in the course. Who in their right mind would give this information away in a such a structured format for free???

    This is the type of value you will find in Billionaire Blog Club. There is so much more beyond the basics of starting your blog and Billionaire Blog Club will help you through it.

  2. Proven experience

    Many of the instructors I come across usually have years of experience building one successful blog. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I would divulge in their expertise anytime! But I only have so much to invest.

    Paul Scrivens, on the other hand, owns 6 successful blogs. I’ve seen some of his blogs. They’re not your regular flashy blogs with the perfectly curated images. But you know what? All 6 of them are generating income every month. If someone owns that many profitable blogs, he must be doing something right, right?

  3. Focus on quality content

    One of the major things I see that other blogging courses push is the need for some sort of social presence. Even if it’s a small social presence, you can move into an influencer status and work with brands.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with this and it works! But if you’re socially awkward like me and struggle with creating a social presence, I’ve got great news for you. You don’t need a social presence to be successful at blogging! Paul Scrivens doesn’t have a strong social presence. His last post on Instagram was, erm…never. Yet, he’s able to generate substantial income from his many blogs.

    At Billionaire Blog Club, the focus is on creating quality content and driving traffic to your blog that you own.

  4. Teaching style

    Paul Scrivens has a very unique way of teaching and motivating you. He tells it to you as it is. Sometimes, it’s brutal. But it’s often the truth you need to hear. It makes you think. And then the dots suddenly connect. See for yourself in the snippets below.

    “Let’s say you want to go to the store. I say you can take my car and give you the keys. I’ve given you everything that you need to get to the store but an hour later I walk outside to see you are still in the driveway. Or maybe you come back and tell me you stopped at the mall but didn’t go to the store. You didn’t do what you needed to do for yourself to make the goal happen.”

    “The hard thing is (and I don’t say this sarcastically or to be an asshole) that you have to think for yourself. If you can’t do that you’re screwed. I can’t help you, nobody can.”

    “When you want to make money with your business you need to understand where your audience is coming from. If you open a new tofu sausage restaurant then you can’t just advertise how awesome tofu sausage is. You have to educate your audience first on tofu sausage because they have no idea what it is. You have to guide them along.”

  5. True lifetime access

    Lifetime access generally means you pay for a course and you get access to that course and updates. But this usually ends at the material being offered through the course. In other words, there may be updates to third party links. Or a tutorial on Instagram might be updated to reflect the latest features.
    At Billionaire Blog Club, lifetime access means access to new courses and features that were not even originally part of Billionaire Blog Club.

    To give you an example, BoardBooster was recently taken down by Pinterest. BoardBooster was a critical part of Billionaire Blog Club because it is what Paul Scrivens uses to manage Pinterest. To address this, a brand new crash course is created on how to use Tailwind. In another program, this might have been charged separately under other programs. But with Billionaire Blog Club, members get instant access.

    In another example, Billionaire Blog Club is getting an upgrade in the next few months. I cover this in the very last section below. The upgrade means Billionaire Blog Club is receiving a new name (MOMO???) and will be much more expensive. But because I’m a member, I will automatically be added into the new community.

    This is the type of lifetime access you receive for being a member of Billionaire Blog Club.[/three-fourths-last] [box-1 align=”center”]But within just the first few lessons, my mindset has already shifted 180 degrees. [/box-1] [one-fourth-first align=”left”]


    [/one-fourth-first] [three-fourths-last align=”left”]I don’t have any personal stories to share with you just yet. As a new member, I am still going through the course materials and familiarizing myself with the community. Implementing the strategies is something I’m still working on.

    But within just the first few lessons, my mindset has already shifted 180 degrees. I view blogging much differently now. I’m able to direct my attention to the things that need to be done to make this blog successful. I know my blog doesn’t have to look perfect to bring you here. I know I need good content to keep you here. And the big launch date was not that big of a deal after all.

    Here are the wins from some Billionaire Blog Club members. Hopefully, in the near future, this post will be updated with my own wins. 🙂

    “10k win: Reached my 10k goal this month! My goal was to reach 10k by end of December and I’m so happy that I could do it this soon.” (Nancy from Mom’s Little Feat)

    “Finally hit 25k session after focusing on Pinterest for 2 months! Next course to learn is SEO!” (Monica from Live Better Lifestyle)

    “Finally started getting real responses from my email lists!! Now I finally have product direction!” (Amber from Simple and Practical Life)

    “It’s a small win to share. I got 100 subscribers in 14 days flat after I introduced a pop up form. The figure may look small or big to u but I am happy.” (Moumita from Fitness Bash)

    “I have 2 wins. A while ago I was talking with Scrivs about my first product. When I told him my launch date goal was August 1st, he said “that’s soooo far away”. 3 days ago, I launched my second product. He has a weird way of motivating! Today, I sold 2 products. I have a lot to learn about product marketing, but I’m excited!” (Brenda from A Paper Heart Family)[/three-fourths-last] [box-1 align=”center”]Big changes are coming to Billionaire Blog Club.[/box-1] [one-fourth-first align=”left”]


    [/one-fourth-first] [three-fourths-last align=”left”]It all comes down to the cost, right? Maybe. Or perhaps not in this case.

    $397 gets you lifetime access, but August 3 is the very last day to grab this deal. Big changes are coming to Billionaire Blog Club. From what we’ve been told, a slew of new courses and features will be added to take members beyond just a money making blog. I’m talking about things like the following:

      • Pinterest
      • SEO
      • YouTube
      • Instagram
      • Affiliate Marketing
      • Building Your Tribe / Growing Your List
      • Niche Selection
      • Building a Brand You Love
      • Creating Sales Funnels
      • Product Creation & Launch
      • Running a Service-Based Business
      • Using Facebook Ads
      • Ultimate Webinars
      • Amazon Kindle Publishing Success
      • Killer Content Creation
      • Google Analytic

    When the program opens up again in a few months, the price may be $2999 or more. From blogger to blogger, if you can afford the $397 now, I highly encourage you to join. And I mean it with all the genuinity I can collect from the universe.

    The links on this page may be affiliate links. But Billionaire Blog Club is a product I believe in. If you don’t want to use my affiliate link, you can type in the link directly and sign up that way. I just don’t want you to miss out on something that might just be the key to where you want to go. The amount of knowledge you will gain alone is worth it. Click here to join Billionaire Blog Club today.

    If you would like to learn more about what it’s like to be part of Billionaire Blog Club or what is offered, comment below or shoot me an email at[/three-fourths-last]



  1. August 3, 2018 / 11:49 am

    Thanks for a thorough review of BBC. It’s a little out of my price range right now.

    • Momo C.
      August 4, 2018 / 12:29 am

      You’re most welcome! There many alternatives out there and lots of free resources as well. I will have reviews of other programs up in the future. You just need to find one that works for you (if you need it). 🙂

  2. August 3, 2018 / 7:31 am

    Very well written article…and I agree with you 100% . I’ve learned a lot being part of BBC 🙂

    • Momo C.
      August 3, 2018 / 10:16 am

      I’m so glad to know you’re a part of BBC as well! How long have you been a member?

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